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Is Your Backyard Big Enough for a Pool? 5 Factors to Consider
Home Blog Is Your Backyard Big Enough for a Pool? 5 Factors to Consider
25 Jun 2024  /  by clark   /   0 Comments

Many homeowners dream of having a swimming pool in their backyard. And it’s hard to blame them! The idea of relaxing by the pool on a hot summer day or hosting pool parties with friends and family can be incredibly appealing. But before you start digging up your property, you need to answer the all-important question: is your backyard big enough for a swimming pool? Or is pool ownership really just a dream?

In this blog post, we will explore some of the top factors to consider when determining whether your yard has enough space for a pool. Let’s go!

1. Pool Type

The type of pool you choose will greatly impact the size requirements for your backyard. For example, an above-ground pool typically requires less space than an in-ground pool.

Above-ground pools come in various sizes, but at a minimum, you’ll need about 12 feet by 24 feet of space for a small one. In comparison, an in-ground pool can range from 14 feet by 28 feet to 20 feet by 40 feet or larger, depending on the size and shape. Speaking of which…

2. Pool Shape

The shape of the pool is another important factor to consider when determining if your backyard is big enough for a swimming pool. Let’s say you have a smaller backyard, for example. In this case, a rectangular pool may work best.

See, rectangular pools are typically more space-efficient than freeform or kidney-shaped pools because they can be easily placed against one side of the yard. So, if you’re working with limited space, a rectangular pool may be the best option for maximizing your available square footage.

3. Outdoor Living Space

In addition to the size and shape of the pool itself, you’ll also need to consider how much outdoor living space you want to hold onto in your backyard. Do you still want room for patio furniture, a dining area, or other outdoor amenities once the pool is in place? Or are those worth setting aside for more pool room?

It can help to sit down and plan out your backyard to see if there will be enough room for your outdoor living furniture, the pool, and any other additional features.

4. Local Zoning Regulations

Before moving forward with swimming pool installation, it’s crucial to check local zoning regulations and permits required for construction. Some areas have specific guidelines regarding setback distances from property lines, fences around pools, and overall lot coverage that you need to follow to be in compliance.

But by understanding these regulations upfront, you can figure out if your backyard meets the requirements for installing a swimming pool.

5. Future Plans

Finally, think about your plans for your backyard. Are there potential landscaping projects or additions you want to make down the line? 

Even if it’s just a maybe for now, figuring out if there will be enough space for your future plans will help you determine the ideal size for your backyard pool.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, whether your backyard is big enough for a swimming pool doesn’t only depend on its physical dimensions, but also how you plan on using your outdoor space now and in the future. So, take the time to carefully evaluate these factors, and you just may be able to create a beautiful oasis that enhances both relaxation and recreation opportunities right at home.

Need a hand deciding on the right pool size and shape for your backyard? If so, we’d be happy to help! Click here to get in touch with Clark Pools and Spas, and speak with one of our pool installation experts today.

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