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When to Close Your Pool in Ontario
Home Blog When to Close Your Pool in Ontario
03 Nov 2022  /  by clark   /   0 Comments

It’s that time of year again – the leaves are beautiful colours, the air is getting cooler, and pumpkin spice everything is back in season (finally)! This can only mean one thing: winter is just around the corner here in Ontario. And with winter comes the dreaded task of closing your pool for the season. But when is the right time to do it? Should you wait until the first frost, or close it up sooner? In this blog post, we will discuss some factors you should consider when deciding when to close your pool in Ontario. We’ll also let you know why closing your pool is necessary in the first place!

Water Temperature

Now, Ontario weather is notoriously unpredictable. One day it could be a balmy 20 degrees Celsius, and the next we’re dealing with a snowstorm. So how can you tell if winter is really on its way? 

The best indicator of whether or not to close your pool is the water temperature. Once the water temperature drops below about 15-18 degrees Celsius, it’s time to start thinking about closing the pool. At this point, your pool is no longer safe to swim in and the water is starting to freeze. 

Air Temperature

Of course, the air temperature is also a factor to consider. If it’s been consistently below freezing at night, and the water temperature is starting to drop, then it’s probably time to close up the pool. 

The Forecast

Another thing to consider is the forecast. If there’s a big storm coming, or a prolonged cold snap, then it might be a good idea to close the pool before the bad weather hits. This will save you from having to deal with a frozen and potentially damaged pool. 

Your Schedule

Finally, you should also consider your own schedule. If you know you won’t have time to close the pool properly, or you’re going on vacation, then it’s better to close it early. This will ensure that your pool is properly protected and won’t be damaged by the cold weather. 

Why Do You Need to Close Your Pool Before the Cold Weather Hits?

Now that we’ve gone over when to close your pool, you might be wondering why it’s even necessary. After all, it’s just a body of water – what’s the big deal if it freezes? 

The answer is that, while water is a pretty tough substance, it can still be damaged by the cold weather. Freezing water can cause the pool liner to crack, and ice can damage the pump and other equipment. In extreme cases, the weight of the ice can even damage the pool itself! 

So, to avoid all of this potential damage, it’s best to close your pool before the cold weather hits. This way, you can be sure that your pool will be safe and in good condition when spring comes around again.

The Bottom Line

It may be tricky to decide when to close your pool in Ontario, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. By following these tips, you can make sure that your pool is properly protected and will be ready for next summer. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and close your pool!

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