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AirBnB Rentals with a Hot Tub Receive a 40+% Premium in Collingwood and Blue Mountain
Home Blog AirBnB Rentals with a Hot Tub Receive a 40+% Premium in Collingwood and Blue Mountain
26 Oct 2022  /  by clark   /   0 Comments

Should we get a hot tub for our rental property in Collingwood and Blue Mountain? What premium can be charged for a property with a hot tub? Your guests keep asking for a hot tub but is the premium worth it to buy a hot tub and service a hot tub

This quick study looked at the financial impact of having a hot tub for your rental property in Collingwood, Blue Mountain and by extension Wasaga Beach? 

Short Term Rentals in Collingwood and Blue Mountain:

We looked at the 112 AirBnB listings that are complete home rentals (not condos or shared rooms). We then reviewed each to see if it had a hot tub and what the average nightly rate was.

  • 97 Listings Without a Hot Tub at $140/night Average
  • 15 Listings With a Hot Tub at $208/night Average

The result is that a place on AirBnB in Collingwood and Blue Mountain with a hot tub is listed for rent at a 40+% premium!

Obviously a few things could impact this finding such as houses that are likely to have a hot tub are already likely to rent for more… is all of the 40+% increase able to be attributed to the hot tubs? Unlikely, however, the finding of a 40% premium in Collingwood and Blue Mountain is similar to other studies such as this one that found a 20-25% premium with rental properties that had a hot tub in North Carolina, Atlanta and LA. 

Weekly Maintenance and Repairs:

If you are concerned about weekly repairs and maintenance on your hot tub then contact Clark Pools Collingwood to discuss weekly and bi-weekly spa service options

Clark Pools Collingwood is owner operated with Chris Hawton as Service Manager. Clark Pools Collingwood has been servicing the area for over 20years. 

Where to Buy a Hot Tub in Collingwood and Blue Mountain?

We are biassed but Clark Pools carries the best selection of hot tubs for Ski Chalets and Short Term Rentals. The units are ideal for short term rentals since they are…

  • Economical (Canadian made, high quality spas without the “bells and whistles” associated with other “premium” brands that charge more)
  • Large seating capacity
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to repair

Visit Clark Pools Collingwood across from Canadian Tire to see if there is a hot tub that suits your needs.

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