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6 Common Hot Tub Myths – Debunked!
Home Blog 6 Common Hot Tub Myths – Debunked!
31 Jan 2023  /  by clark   /   0 Comments

There are a lot of myths out there about hot tubs, and it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. For example, are they really high maintenance? Do they cost a small fortune to run? And ultimately, are they really worth the investment? In this blog post, we will debunk 6 common hot tub myths and set the record straight!

1) Hot Tubs Are Time-Consuming to Maintain

FALSE! In fact, there’s no reason why maintaining a hot tub should take any more than 10 to 15 minutes a week. 

All you really need to do is make sure to clean it regularly, check the pH balance of the water and add chemicals as necessary. And if you still don’t think you’ll have the time, you can always hire a qualified hot tub technician to take care of everything for you. 

2) They Are Expensive to Operate

FALSE! Hot tubs don’t require much electricity to keep them running, and they are actually very cost-efficient.

Though it depends on a variety of factors, the average cost to operate a high-quality hot tub can be anywhere from $11 – $70 per month. When you think about it, it could be less than the cost of your weekly lattes!

3) Hot Tubs Are Unsafe

FALSE! In fact, hot tubs are actually quite safe when used properly. The key is to ensure that the water temperature is regulated and not too hot, as well as to be mindful of any potential dangerous objects or sharp surfaces. You don’t want anyone to get hurt while they’re enjoying a nice soak!

4) They Require a Lot of Space

FALSE! There is no need to sacrifice your entire backyard to accommodate a hot tub. There are plenty of models available in all shapes and sizes, so you can easily find one to suit your needs.

For example, if you have a small yard, a square or rectangular model might be best. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more luxurious, a larger round or oval hot tub could be just the ticket!

5) The Chlorine or Bromine in Hot Tubs Really Irritates the Eyes

FALSE! While they may irritate the eyes at high levels, it is important to note that most hot tubs only require very low levels of chlorine or bromine.

So, if you’re experiencing any eye irritation in a hot tub, then it could be a sign that the water chemistry needs to be adjusted. Fortunately, this can be avoided entirely with proper maintenance. 

6) Hot Tubs Are Bad For You

FALSE! While you shouldn’t stay in one all day, of course, regular soaks in a hot tub are actually quite beneficial for your health. Soaking in a hot tub can help to reduce stress, improve circulation and even provide relief from sore muscles. 

The Bottom Line

So there you have it – 6 common hot tub myths completely debunked! Not only are they low-maintenance, affordable and safe, but they can also provide some excellent health benefits. So if you’ve been on the fence about getting a hot tub, hopefully now you have a better understanding of the facts and can make an informed decision.  Happy soaking!

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