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6 Key Pool Opening Tips for Collingwood Pools
Home Blog 6 Key Pool Opening Tips for Collingwood Pools
28 Mar 2023  /  by clark   /   0 Comments

It’s that time of year again: pool season is just around the corner! Once again, the sun will be shining, the birds will be chirping, and the mosquitos will be out in full force (seriously, how do they survive our winters?) If you’re like most people in Collingwood, your pool was probably dormant all winter long. But now that the weather is on its way to being warm and sunny again, it’s just about time to get that pool ready for summer! To help prepare you for the season, we’ll give you 6 key tips for opening your pool. Let’s go!

1) Clean the Pool Before Opening

Your first step should be to give your pool a good cleaning—litter, leaves, and any other debris that may have blown in while it was closed up over the winter. This should be done before you open and fill the pool, as debris left in the water can cause problems down the line.

2) Balance Your Pool’s Chemistry

Your pool’s chemistry should be balanced before you fill it with water and open it up. You’ll have to test the water for pH, alkalinity, and other levels before adding any chemicals or balancing treatments.

Aim to have the pH between 7.2 and 7.6, the alkalinity between 80 and 120 parts per million (ppm), and the chlorine at 1 ppm. This should keep your water clean, clear, and free of algae and other nasty things.

3) Clean and Inspect Pool Equipment

It’s important to check all of the equipment used to filter, clean, heat, and circulate the water. Clean out any debris from skimmers, ladders, steps, pumps, and filters. And be sure to check for any damage or deterioration (leaks, cracks, etc.) while you’re at it.

4) Check the Liner

If your pool has a liner, it’s important to check for any rips or tears before opening. You don’t want to fill it up with water only to find out that you need to replace the liner!

5) Fill and Adjust Your Pool’s Water Level

Once all of your equipment is in good shape and the water chemistry is balanced, you can fill up the pool with a garden hose. Depending on your pool’s design, the water level should be between half and three-quarters of the way up the walls.

6) Consider Installing a Pool Safety Cover

Finally, if you don’t already have one, consider investing in a safety cover for the pool. A safety cover will reduce the risk of accidental drowning and help keep out debris, wildlife, and contaminants while the pool is not in use.

Plus, if you have kids and/or pets, a safety cover will give you peace of mind knowing that they can’t get into the pool when unsupervised.

The Bottom Line

Opening your pool can be a daunting task, but these 6 tips can help make the process easier. From cleaning and inspecting equipment to balancing water chemistry and installing a safety cover, these tips will help make sure your pool is ready for the summer season. Happy swimming!

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