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Pool Liner Replacement
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Pool Liner Replacement

Above Ground Pool Liner

You can set up your own personal resting space with a unique above-ground swimming pool. There are a wide variety of beautiful styles and patterns that can fit into your backyard. We take care of all services including installations, repairs, and replacements. Contact us to discuss your liner replacement. 

Pool Liner Replacement
Pool Liner Replacement
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Inground Pool Liner

Our team of expert technicians also carries out the installation, replacement, and repairs of inground pool liners. Our packages come with liners of different colours and sizes to turn your pool into that sweet spot that you’ve always dreamed of. 

Stock Tank Pool Liner

Do you have a stock tank pool and have been worried about getting a liner off it? Well, you don’t need to get bothered. We also perform the installation, replacement, and repair of stock tank pool liners. 

How To Find A Hole In Pool Liner

Looking for holes in a pool liner may be a very discouraging adventure, but unearthing and fixing them helps to make sure they don’t become larger and cause more problems. Usually, more than an inch loss in the level of water indicates that there is a leak in the pool liner. To look for the holes and fix them so that the life of your pool can be extended, you only need to carry out a few simple tasks. 

To find out if your pool has holes: With your pool filled to its normal level, put a bucket on the pool step and fill so that the level of water in the pool and the bucket are equal. Mark the position of the water with a waterproof crayon. After 24 hours, go back and check if the water levels are unchanged. A huge falk in the water level of the pool means that there is a leak in the liner. This test should be done two times, with the pump in operation and then with it off.

To find out the cause of the holes: When you’re sure that there are holes in the liner, the next step is to look for the cause of the holes. To do this, apply food colouring to different parts of the pool, and where there are holes, the food colouring is absorbed. 

Pool Liner Patch Kit

Is your pool liner torn or damaged? You can get it fixed with our pool liner patch kits. This provides a less expensive option than repairing the pool wall after a leak. 

Typical Sizes

Pool liners come in different sizes depending on the size of your pool. Whatever the size of your pool liner, be it an 18 ft round pool liner, 24 ft round pool liner, 15×30 pool liner, 18×33 pool liner, or a 16×48 pool liner, be sure that they are all available.

Popular Brands And Types

Our pool liners are of all types and brands including popular brands like Intex, Summer, Waves, J hook, Bestway, Vinyl, Fiberglass, Expandable, and Coleman. 

Pool Line Colours In Water

Our pool liners come in different colours. These include black, dark blue, natural, light blue, mosaic, granite, and persia to make your pool a beautiful place where you can relax at the end of a stressful day or week. 


What happens if water gets behind your pool liner? 

When water gets behind your swimming pool liner, the seal becomes bad and wrinkles, soft spots, and other defects begin to appear, which causes the liner to lift and float. But it shouldn’t be a source of worry. You don’t have to start cursing your pool builder because he has done nothing wrong. 

Can you put a new pool liner on an old one?

It is not recommended that you leave your previous liner in the pool when fixing a new one. Even though it seems like an additional coat of shelter, it isn’t and will only lead to unwanted complications. This is because when you drain your liner, it shrinks and wrinkles, which makes the bottom become rough. A lot of pools require a smooth base when the liner is being changed.

How often do you have to replace a liner in a pool?

A normal vinyl liner can stay between 10 to 15 years, but it depends on the situation. If you’re in an environment with groundwater problems, or you don’t keep your pool balanced, that may reduce the life of your pool liner. Also, if the liner is of poor quality or gets damaged, it will lead to a reduction in lifespan.

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