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Pool Safety Cover Sales And Installation
Home Pools Pool Safety Cover Sales And Installation

Pool Safety Cover Sales And Installation

Do you have fears about your children and pets falling into your pool? Are you looking to prevent debris from falling into your pool? Then a pool safety cover is exactly what you need. In addition to making sure that your kids and pets are safe around the poolside, safety covers give a host of benefits over the traditional tarpaulin covers. 

Pool safety covers help to prevent the growth of algae, mildew, as well as rot. They are designed to completely cover the pool and in such a way that ensures that there is no gathering of water on the cover, and consequently, no chance for insects to breed. The injurious effects of ultraviolet light on your pool are also lessened by these covers. 

Also, pool safety covers can be secured to all deck surfaces. They are long-lasting and lightweight, which makes installation and removal easy. With our wealth of experience installing pool covers, you should contact us for all your procurement and installation needs. 

Pool Safety Cover Sales And Installation
Pool Safety Cover Sales and Installation
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Pool Safety Cover Installation

Anywhere you are around the Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Blue Mountain, Thornbury, Creemore, and Stayner communities, we can help to take care of the installation of your pool covers. 

Safety coverings provide more than simply protection; they also provide unrivalled simplicity of use and durability. Safety coverings, unlike normal pool covers, are custom-made for your pool, assuring a tight, bespoke fit that keeps debris out.

What Are The Benefits Of A Pool Safety Cover?

Pool safety covers offer a wide range of benefits, including the following. 

  • Better protection: Because they are made with triple-stitched stress points and webbing-reinforced seams, pool safety covers are always stable to handle the weight of children or animals that walk on them by mistake. 
  • Ease of storage: Conventional vinyl covers are always difficult to store. When not in use, they have to be maintained by keeping in a bucket of water to prevent shrinking. To stop the growth of algae in the water, algaecides have to be added. With safety covers, these troubles are eliminated as they can just be folded and stored in garage rafters, ensuring that they are out of harm’s way. 
  • Improved aesthetics: Safety covers come in a variety of colours – green, grey, blue, black, and tan – to complement the general design and feel of your backyard. The accumulation of rain and snow is a second aesthetic concern that safety coverings address. This, not only is a threat for creatures like chipmunks and squirrels, as well as attracts other pests like ducks and frogs, but it can also harbour waste and cause an algal bloom when the weather warms up in the spring.
  • Enhanced durability: To survive extreme weather, safety covers are made of woven and extrusion-coated polyethylene squares. They are created of 3’x3′ or 5’x5′ straps that run along the top and bottom (depending on the type of pool in your backyard). They’re made to fit flat against decking and patio stone, and they’re held in place using brass hardware and stainless steel springs.

Types Of Pool Covers

Swimming pool covers, just like swimming pools, come in a wide range of sizes, styles, as well as materials. These include simple and advanced high-tech models. Whatever your needs are – to replace a damaged pool cover or to get a pool cover for the first time, our team can always make sure that you get the best product that is perfect for your pool. 

Automatic Safety Covers

Usually of unassuming designs, automatic pool covers come with the perfect blend of safety, grandeur, and convenience. They are made with uniquely developed materials so that they can be opened and closed with just the touch of a button. With these covers, pool owners can use their pool all year long with their minds at rest. To prevent accidents and keep everyone protected during the winter months when the pool is not in use, always keep the cover in place. 

Solid And Mesh Swimming Pool Covers

Solid and mesh pool covers serve as a great shelter from debris. While the mesh type covers may be less expensive in the short term, it often means more cleaning and maintenance in the long run. They however are made up of very fine openings, which gives them a unique texture and appearance. 

Both solid and mesh pool covers are very important for protecting your pool during the colder months when it is not in use. 

How Is A Pool Safety Cover Installed?

Installing a pool safety cover starts with having a professional come to your house to check your pool. Measurements will be taken to make sure that the pool cover accurately matches the shape of the pool. A second assessment is carried out by an expert installer when the custom pool cover arrives to make sure that there is a uniform overhang around the pool. The overlap should be just enough to guarantee safety and security without showing off excessive fabric to the deck. 

Thereafter, anchors and clips to support the pool safety cover are installed. When your swimming pool is not closed, the anchors can be withdrawn so that they are practically hidden and unable to result in any security risks. A professional pool cover installer will ensure that the pool safety cover is correctly spaced and provides the necessary amount of tension.


Which is better – a mesh or solid pool cover? 

Each type of pool cover has its advantages over the other. On maintenance, solid covers give you more work during winter, while mesh covers leave you to do more during spring. The most significant benefit of a solid giver is that nothing can pass through it. Mesh covers, on the other hand, are intended to keep out large debris but smaller particles can get past the holes into the water. 

How long does Mesh pool cover last?

Mesh covers are generally more durable than vinyl covers. They can last up to 10 or 15 years. Also, they don’t require any maintenance during the offseason because they don’t have pumps.

How much does a safety cover for a pool cost?

Depending on the size and shape of your pool, you may spend about $1,200 to $5,000 on a mesh safety cover.  In terms of both material and cost, this is substantially cheaper than solid covers. On average, a solid pool cover costs about $600 more than a mesh cover.

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