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Pool Closing Service
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Pool Closing Service

At Clark Pools and Spas our experienced pool service techs are ready to help ensure we put away your pool for the winter so that no damage occurs and a smooth pool opening is possible in the spring.

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Our $375 + Tax – Pool Closing Service Includes:

  • Drain pool to winterizing level

  • Remove deck equipment

  • Winterize lights

  • Blow out pool lines

  • Winterize skimmer

  • Clean filters

  • Winterize pool equipment

  • Install winter cover

  • Remove skimmer basket and circulation equipment

  • Place pool deck accessories neatly aside

Additional Pool Closing Services

Here are the extra services that we will add to your pool closing depending on your specific pool closing needs…

  • Pool Closing Chemical Closing Kit – $60 + HST

  • Waterfall – $75 + HST

  • Spillover Spa – $75 + HST

  • Vacuum – $110 + HST

  • Deck Jets – $50 + HST

Please Have Your Pool Ready for Us…

Pool Closing season is very busy and we try to get to everyones pool. Having your pool ready for us to close ensures your pool get completed on schedule!

  • Cover, water bags, plus and foam rope all read for closing date

  • Pool and equipment are easily accessible

  • Electrical power is on to pool equipment

  • Water supply is on and garden hose is attached

  • Sump pump has been properly drained before appointment

  • Please have all pets in the house

Book a Pool Closing appointment with us today if you’re within the Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Blue Mountain, Thornbury, Creemore, and Stayner areas. 

  • Call Us at 705-445-6165 to Schedule Your Pool Closing
  • Email Office@clarkpoolscollingwood.com
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As the exit of the warm weather draws close, swimming pool owners are always left with no choice but to close their pools. Even though the change in season may be satisfying, closing your swimming pool usually brings mixed feelings and uncertainties over when and how to do it.

The way you close your pool goes a long way to determine how much time and effort you’ll spend in opening it when the spring season comes. Thankfully, our team of professionals are here to make sure that your pool is properly closed and your equipment is kept from freezing. 

A safe and secure closing of the pool reduces the chances of unforeseen circumstances when the pool is reopened the next year. When you hand over your pool to the right set of hands, you can be sure that your pool is intact and protected all through winter, and your equipment is kept safe for use at a later time. 

Pool Closing Service
Pool Closing Service

Book a Pool Closing appointment with us today if you’re within the Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Blue Mountain, Thornbury, Creemore, and Stayner areas. 

  • Call Us at 705-445-6165 to Schedule Your Pool Closing
  • Email Office@clarkpoolscollingwood.com

What Does A Pool Closing Service Include?

The standard pool closing service consists of draining the pool to winterized height, treating the water, maintaining the chemical balance throughout the closure period, draining and disassembling the pool equipment, winterizing the Piping Systems, cleaning all Pool equipment and materials, and installation of the winter cover. 

Pool Closing Cost

Many pool closing services charge $499 + Chemicals + Extras. We are able to pool charge $375 + Chemicals.

Inground Pool Closing

We offer the best in-ground pool closing services. We help close your pools without stress so that you can come back during spring for easy reopening.

Above Ground Pool Closing

We take care of above-ground pools as much as we take care of in-ground pools. It doesn’t matter what your needs are, our team of experts will always make sure they are met.

Pool Closing Steps/ Procedures

Here are the typical steps when closing a pool

  1. Balance Water
  2. Add Shock and Algaecide (using a pool closing kit makes this easier)
  3. Clean Pool
  4. Store Equipment
  5. Lower Water Level
  6. Drain Pump, filter and other equipment
  7. Winterize Plumbing – Especially for us in Canada it is critical that all plumbing be blown out to avoid damage
  8. Cover the Pool ideally with your safety cover

Pool Closing Kit

pool closing kit
pool closing kit

Closing your pools becomes very easy with our winter pool closing kits. These kits are of high quality and contain everything you need to successfully close your pool. They are usually designed for pools with capacities of as much as 25,000 gallons. The chemicals help to prevent the growth of algae during winter so that your pool remains clean and gleaming. 

The chemicals protect your pool through the winter months, when filters and pumps are not in use, making sure that the pool is safe and will be easy to reopen. 

With our pool closing kits, you can take care of chlorinated pools, saltwater pools, as well as pools with pool frog systems. 

National Pool Closing Day

  • The national pool closing day takes place every third Saturday in September.
  • It signifies that it is now time to start thinking about what to do with your pool as winter draws near.


What day should I close my pool?

A lot of public pool owners open their pools from May until September when winter arrives. Private pool owners also follow this routine. Pool technicians are usually busiest around May for openings and September for closings.

What does closing a pool mean?

Closing a pool implies that it is not in use at the moment but may be used very soon. In this case, you’re not bothered with freezing temperatures or if there is water in your pipes or equipment like the pump, heater, filter, and chlorinator. 

Can I keep my pool closed all summer?

If you leave your pool closed all summer, the outcome will be a green, smelly mess and permanent damage or stains to the surfaces of the pool. Your pool liner or plaster can degrade into a very big mess if it is not maintained properly. This will make it burdensome and costly to open again.

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