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Pool Repair Service
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Pool Repair Service

A lot of swimming pool owners try to service their pools themselves, and the results sometimes do not go as expected. Taking care of your pool is critical for its efficient and effective operation, which is why our team of skilled and experienced technicians are available to see to your pool repair service needs. We take care of everything related to the care of pools, and when we handle your pool, you can be sure that it is in safe hands. 

Anywhere you are within the Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Blue Mountain, Thornbury, Creemore, Stayner communities, do contact us to discuss your pool repair needs. 

Pool Repair Service
Pool Repair Service
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Leak detection: It takes a long time for a lot of homeowners to discover that what they thought was evaporation is actually a leak and this leads to greater expenses. Thankfully, our team of experts can find out the exact location of the leak without damaging your pool. After this is done, a long-lasting resolution can be carried out to make sure you don’t spend a lot of money. We can usually pinpoint the issue to be either a liner issues, pipes or underground. We offer a full liner replacement service if required.

Equipment installation service and repair: Our equipment installation and repair service covers a lot of equipment including pumps, heaters, filters, lighting, cleaners, automation systems, sanitation systems, as well as solar covers and rollers. Whatever equipment you need to be installed or repaired, our team of professionals can always make sure that you relax while the problem is fixed permanently. 

Plumbing installation and repair: Our technicians are also experienced in plumbing tasks such as the installation and repair of returns, waterfalls, skimmers, fountains, Piping, and deck jets. 

Filter installation and repair: We also specialise in the installation and repair of filters. Our team of technicians will help clean and replace sand or cartridges in your filters. 

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  • Pool Renovation

    Vinyl Pool Repair

    UV rays from the sun are known to cause damage to the vinyl. Also, the chemicals used in pools can lead to significant damages leading to leaks and the need for repairs. But not to worry, as these problems can always be taken care of by our skilled and experienced technicians who have sufficient knowledge in the repair of vinyl pools. 

    Above Ground Pool Repair

    Is your swimming pool the above-ground type? Do you need it fixed? Place a call to us, and before long, your pool will be back to the beautiful and gleaming relaxation spot that it once was. 

    In-Ground Pool Repair

    Our team of professionals also takes care of in-ground pools. Whatever problems that you have, we can always look for solutions and leave you very satisfied.

    Gunite Pool Repair

    Although very durable, gunite swimming pools get cracks in the concrete over time. The plaster can get bad, and you will need to make repairs. Because you spend a lot on your pools, it is important to keep them looking exquisite and operating appropriately. This, we will help to make sure, because we know how important your pool is to you. 

    Concrete Pool Repair

    A concrete pool is usually resistant to damage for a long time, but sometimes, there may be some cracks that will ultimately lead to water leaks. These cracks can be taken care of by our team of experienced professionals.

    Underwater Pool Repair

    Have you been postponing your pool repair because you don’t want to drain your pool? You can opt for our underground pool repair services. When you delay certain jobs like swimming pool leaks, the problem tends to worsen with time. This makes you spend much more, and you spend more time getting a solution. Fortunately, we have relationships with divers who can complete repair work without draining the pool.

    Emergency Pool Repair

    When you have a pool emergency, you want to fix it immediately. If your pump stops working, for example, a lot of things stop as it is the core of the filtration system. Our team of engineers will have your emergency fixed as soon as possible so that you can go back to having fun at the pool.

    Commercial Pool Repair

    The needs of a commercial pool are much different from that of a pool at home. Because they are used more frequently and have bigger surface areas, the need for maintenance is more frequent. This is why we have engineers on ground for every customer so that we can always attend to your needs when you need us. 


    How many hours a week do you need to maintain a pool? 

    You may spend up to 90 minutes cleaning your pool at a time, depending on the equipment, and this should be done at least once every week. Generally, a lot of people spend about 45 minutes cleaning their pools. This, however, does not account for the time to replace equipment and balance chemicals. To carry out regular maintenance tasks will require between 4 to 8 hours every week. Alternatively, you may decide to hire a professional to help, which will cost you about $75 and $100 per hour.

    Is fixing a pool leak expensive?

    The price of fixing pool leaks depends on the severity of the leak, the location of the damage and the pool material. For a minor leak that can easily be taken care of, you may spend between $300 and $500. On the other hand, if it is a major fault that needs replacement or replastering, the cost may be in the range of $2,500 and $5,000.

    What is the average pool maintenance cost?

    The standard price of maintaining a swimming pool is between $80 to $150 every month, and between $960 to $1,800 at the end of the year. If you’re cleaning your pool for the first time, you may spend about $150 to $350. The average cost of owning a pool for a year, including the amount to be spent on maintenance, electricity, and water is about $3,000 to $5,000.

    How often should you service your pool? 

    It is suggested that you get your pool cleaned a minimum of once every week to keep it clean and clear. A lot of cleaning tools are available for purchase to help make the cleaning process less difficult and at a much quicker pace. The weekly cleaning helps to prevent situations that may lead to worry at a later time. We have auto vacs at our store to help keep the pool in a clean state between services.

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