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Pool Water Delivery Service
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Pool Water Delivery Service

A lot of people find out that over time, it is cheaper and less stressful to fill your pool with a truck rather than with a hose, and it saves you a lot of time.

We have been in the business of filling pools for many years now, and a lot of homeowners trust us to take care of their water needs every year, even with the increase in sewer and municipal water bills, and the dangers of rural property damages. 

Pool Filling Service
Pool Filling Service

If you’re within the Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Blue Mountain, Thornbury, Creemore, and Stayner areas, please call to book a Pool Filling appointment with us today. 

  • Call 705-445-6165 to Schedule Your Pool Water Delivery
  • Email Office@clarkpoolscollingwood.com

What Does A Pool Filling Service Include?

  • For new customers, the first information we need is the size of your pool, how to get to it, and when you need us to be available. If the need is only one load, it takes not more than an hour to get it done.
  • For more than one load, we can get your pool filled up in less than six hours after we show up with the first load. For repeat customers, it’s just as easy as putting a call through or sending an email to confirm what you want and the day of delivery. 

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  • Pool Filling Cost

    Our pool water delivery services come at the best prices. Because we always want to give you all of the water in the trucks, the water is carried in twin conical stainless steel trailers. This makes sure there is no need to place the trucks in a declining direction.

    Pool Filling Instruction

    You can also reach out to us if you want to fill your pool yourself and need help with guidelines. We can provide the trucks and deliver the water, as well as give you instructions on what you need to do depending on if you have an in-ground or above-ground type of swimming pool.


    Can You Buy Water To Fill A Pool?

    Of course. You can get water for your pool very smoothly, and it can be delivered to you just as easily as when you order an item from Amazon. There are a lot of companies that can have the water delivered to your house and help you to get your pool filled up quickly. 

    How long does it take for pool water to be ready?

    It should not take more than one hour to get done with all the tasks necessary to open your pool and have it ready for use. However, it is always advised to wait for about 24 hours after the shock treatment before you jump into the swimming pool. Before you set out to open your pool, do ensure that you have all the tools you need to complete the job.

    What causes cloudy pool water?

    If your swimming pool water is cloudy or milky, it may be as a result of seven key factors. These include inappropriate amounts of chlorine, extremely high levels of calcium hardness, unbalanced pH and alkaline levels, damaged or blocked filters, presence of ammonia, early stages of algae development, and presence of debris.

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