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Arctic Spa Review

Even though their hot tubs come with a great shell, it is unfortunate that that is where it stops with Arctic Spas. The hot tubs from this brand, although stunning, seem not to hold up well over time. Sadly, a lot more attention and focus is placed on marketing than on making a great hot tub. In this article, I have given a review of the brand, talking about the shell, components, construction, efficiency, as well as an overall view of the brand. 

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The shell of an Arctic Spa is unquestionably its strongest feature. Hand-rolled fibreglass is used by Arctic Spas, and there is plenty of it to make the shell sturdy and thick. A lot of manufacturers do a lot of things well but end up producing a weak shell. However, the shells that come with Arctic hot tubs are nice and sturdy.

Arctic Spas Collingwood
Arctic Spas
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The good part of Arctic Spas, unfortunately, ends with the shell, because even though the shell is nice, the tub is made up of components that are proprietary. A lot of salespeople talk about how the components of the hot tubs are superior to OEM parts and extol the virtues of the new technology, it is not true. OEM parts are manufactured by a few well-known companies in the sector, such as Balboa and Waterways. These individuals are well versed in the construction of very good control packs, pumps, and other equipment, and the technology in use is a lot more advanced. Purchasing a hot tub with proprietary parts helps both the manufacturer and the dealer but doesn’t do so much for the buyer, because it makes sure that the buyer sticks with the brand, even though the replacement parts may cost more than the OEM parts.


The plumbing connectors on the manifold to jet lines are not clamped on the Arctic Spa, and it employs the use of a perimeter insulation system. This means that if your hot tub has 40 jets, there are 80 possible leak points (one at each end of the lines). All of these joints should be glued and clamped in the appropriate method to make a hot tub, but it does not come cheap. Thus, no clamps translate to bigger margins.


A perimeter insulation system is used in Arctic Spas. In terms of efficiency, especially in colder areas, this is not as good as foam insulation, and it also has the disadvantage of trapping the spa’s heat inside the skirting rather than inside the hot tub’s shell. Because of this, the pumps in an Arctic Spa are left operating in a very hot atmosphere, potentially reducing their life span.


While the hot tubs of Arctic Spas come with a very good shell, the fact that the parts are exclusive makes it a not too attractive option. Another disadvantage is the absence of correctly clamped plumbing lines and perimeter insulation.

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