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Beachomber Hot Tubs Collingwood

Beachcomber hot tubs come with good as well as not-so-good characteristics. They have a good set of mid-end hot tubs, with their top-performance tubs coming with hi-flow therapy jets, mid-flow, as well as lower-priced small jets. While this is standard when compared to the top tubs of most companies, it cannot be compared to the performance of the very high-end spas. 

In this article, I have given a review of the brand, talking about the shell, components, construction, efficiency, as well as an overall view of the brand. 

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Beachomber Hot Tubs Collingwood
Beachomber Hot Tubs
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The shell of a Beachcomber hot tub is made of fibreglass that is hand-rolled and self-supporting, which are desirable characteristics in a hot tub. However, for the given sizes of the hot tubs, the weight and thickness of the shell are less than what they are supposed to be.


From Balboa control systems to Waterways pumps and jets, Beachcomber hot tubs have all the right components. The pumps are powerful enough for the quantity and size of jets, which makes sure there is no overheating, and the jets, though usually smaller, are of good quality and widely accessible from a variety of suppliers.


One of the major drawbacks of Beachcomber hot tubs is that they don’t come with a removable skirt. This means that in the event of a leak, there is no way to get inside without draining the spa, flipping it over, and ripping it apart. When you make an integrated skirt, a lot of money is saved as you only need to construct the skirt into the spa. If it is done the right way, a subframe is created and a skirt attached so that it can be taken apart in the event of any problem. With the Beachcomber hot tubs, however, the hot tub is returned to the dealer who then uses special cradles to hoist the tub. Usually, transportation costs are charged even if the tub is still under warranty. If you buy directly from the dealer, most will cover it, but you will be without your tub for days, if not weeks.


Beachcomber hot tubs come with a hybrid system, which is a textbook example of old tech being brought back and repackaged as new. With outdoor pumps, it is impossible to retrieve the motor heat, and this counterbalances the extra foam around the bottom corner, which is two times as thick as the other 90% of the hot tub. It also puts you at risk of quick freeze damage in the event of a power loss, and in the winter, you’re constantly pumping your hot water out of the insulation envelope. This is terrible technology done for the sake of a unique selling feature rather than any benefit.

When the water is under the tub, the hot tub is effective, but the heated water is cooled by the outdoor air every time it passes through the pumps because the pumps are outside the skirt. 


In short, Beachcomber hot tubs are a top-tier brand, but due to the hybrid system and non-removable skirt, they fall into the low to mid-grade category. Making a terrific tub and then absolutely ruining it with two blunder decisions, most likely influenced by the marketing department, is definitely not clever.

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