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Sunrise Spas

It’s not always easy to find the proper hot tub, especially if cost is a major consideration. However, some companies, such as Sunrise Spas, place a premium on producing high-quality hot tubs at reasonable costs. The following are some of the advantages that come with Sunrise Spas:

  • Best Value: Sunrise Spas is committed to providing the greatest level of expertise and luxury at an affordable cost. The company recognizes that there are other purchases that may be made to improve one’s quality of life, which is why its hot tubs are designed to be as simple as possible.
  • Cutting-edge Digital Controls: Sunrise Spas’ hot tubs are built with cutting-edge digital control technology that elevates the bar in terms of dependability and ease of usage.
  • The Best Hydromassage Ever with a Unique Jet Design: The new Sunrise hot tub features unique hydromassage jets that provide a powerful yet gentle massage. The high-pressure flow design eliminates the pain associated with high-pressure jets found in other hot tubs.
  • Cutting-edge technology and strict quality assurance: Built in North America, Sunrise spas make use of cutting-edge manufacturing technology and strict quality control requirements. The company is a global leader and one of the major manufacturers of acrylic hot tubs, with an excellent team of engineers and specialists making sure that each spa fulfills the quality control requirements before leaving the factory.
  • Steel Frame Structure with Industrial Strength: The new Sunrise hot tub is durable thanks to a carefully fitted, quality industrial galvanized steel frame that gives it structural stability and endurance. 
  • Worry-Free No-Leak Plumbing: The plumbing harnesses in Sunrise hot tubs have excellent color-coded hose layouts that keep the spa cavity clear – red hose for air lines and blue hose for water lines. With the Triple-Seal plumbing, each jet fitting is guaranteed not to leak, and the straight-line plumbing provides more water flow. The hot tubs are designed to provide you the finest spa experience possible without the risk of a leaking tub.

Sunrise Spas
Sunrise Spas

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Classic Collection Series

S Series – 115 Volt Hot Tubs (North America Only)

The S Series 115 Volt Plug & Play spas are the most user-friendly and cost-effective hot tubs available. Simply plug the factory-installed GFCI connector into a dedicated 15A outlet to complete the electrical connection. It has extras like headrests and LED lights that are generally found only in more expensive hot tubs.

S Series – 230 Volt Hot Tubs

The S Series 230 Volt hot tubs are for individuals who like the extra massaging power and versatility that only 230 Volt hot tubs can offer. This series is ideal for customers who don’t have the space or desire for a larger hot tub but still want a full-featured hot tub.

SX Series

The hot tubs in the SX Series are designed with comfort, relaxation, rehabilitation, and entertainment in mind. These models may include all of the features you may want in a hot tub. Relaxing waterfalls, a deluxe water management system, interior perimeter and external cabinet corner LED lighting, a large range of luxurious inside colors and exterior cabinet options, wonderful headrests, and Bluetooth audio with booming bass round out your investment in pleasure and fulfilment.

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